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I’ve been working on this game for a long time now, and I have made it to a point where I am happy with the final product. It has been in development for around 5 years now, however with all of the changes in technology and developing new ideas, things have taken longer than I have expected. However, I hope you all enjoy the experience, and are entertained by this game, and I hope to update it every 6 months or so.
The background story for the game can be found here:
In Closing, I’d like to thank all of my testers, family, and friends who have been very patient with me and this game. I can’t wait to see what you all think of it after it is released.


I’m afraid that the answers here are rather all over the place. I really think this game might fall into the category of “adventure-like but not a full-on game” because it doesn’t really have a lot of goals. You want to be a wizard and all that, but you don’t really have to.
In the end, I’d say that aside from your first person gameplay, I don’t see anything that would make me want to keep playing after the introduction. My biggest criticism is the lack of backstory or development compared to the gameplay. You have some tutorials, but not that many. There’s no way to really have a tutorial. You can play it for 5 minutes and I don’t think you’ll have any kind of idea as to what to do or how to play.
In addition, the world doesn’t look particularly interesting nor does the story progress throughout the game. I don’t know enough about what wizards do in real life (supposedly they cast spells on people and things, right? So would it be like a video game version of that?) to find this game interesting. I’m hoping the story progresses to its conclusion in later chapters, but so far I’m not really that interested in following the story.
So all in all, I would say this game gets a 1/5 rating. It tries to be too many things at once.

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      The epic conclusion to the sci-fi adventure of Fallout 3.
      Fallout New Vegas is an American post-apocalyptic RPG and is the spiritual successor to the hugely popular and award-winning Fallout 3. In this third entry, you’ll once again take on the role of Fallout’s hero, and you’ll experience Wasteland life for yourself as you discover what has become of an irradiated New Vegas.

      Fallout 3 – Return to the Mojave Wasteland
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      This Website & Community are not affiliated with or endorsed by the Sony Interactive Entertainment LLC or its parent company or any other company listed in the note below. Final Fantasy, Final Fantasy XII and Final Fantasy XIII are registered trademarks and copyrighted properties of Square-Enix Co. Ltd. Biohazard is a registered trademark of Konami Digital Entertainment Co., LTD. All other trademarks and copyrights are property of their respective owners.Aggregation kinetics of hydrolyzed whey protein powder and the effect of hydrogen peroxide-induced oxidation.
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      Mechanics: The hit points, the three properties of velocity, the radius of your fire and the amount of force applied is controlled by a counter like the one you would encounter in a bank. They are the only two counters that you can collect and barter for. Everything else is just a bonus. The bonuses are there for balance purposes. They do not affect the game in any way. In the final level, you have to enter a large fortress before the end of the level, thus containing the power of the boss. Any bonus counter you have collected, will be used to break the game and let the boss kill you. For this reason, play this game with friends!
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      There is a secret ending if you collect enough of the special items in the game.AwardsGolden Acorn for Best C64 Game 2016 – Golden Box by Golden Indie Developers AwardsJ.D. Games Category Award for Best C64 Game 2016 – Deeper Powers in the Game Category Award for Best C64 Game 2016 – 4 3 4 5 Z X X X X X X X X X X X X Z X X X Z X X X X X Z X X X X Z X X X X X X X X Z X X X X X X X X X X Z X X X Z X X X Z X Z X Z X Z X Z X Z X Z X X X X Z X X X X X X X X Z X Z X Z X X X X X Z X Z X X X X X Z Z X X X X Z X X Z X Z X Z Z X X X X Z X X X Z X X Z Z X X X X Z X X Z X X Z X X X Z X X Z X X Z X X Z Z X X X Z X Z X Z X Z X Z X X Z X Z X X Z X X Z X X Z X X Z X Z Z X X X X Z X X Z X X Z X X Z X X Z X X Z X X Z X X Z X X Z Z X X Z Z X X Z X Z Z X X


      What’s new in They’re Coming:

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